Antivirus For iPhone – What You Need to Know

iOS, the operating system for the iPhone and iPad is protected from the majority of viruses and malware. Even the most secure devices are susceptible to cyber-attacks. This is why it’s vital to be aware of antivirus for iPhone and the best way to safeguard your phone from these dangers.

Unlike most Android phones, which are able to be infected with viruses and spyware via unsecure Wi-Fi networks or malicious apps downloaded from the App Store, Apple’s iOS is secured by strict security measures. This makes it extremely difficult to obtain malware on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, unless they’ve been jailbroken. Antivirus for iPhone isn’t necessary unless using a jailbroken device since malware can only be transmitted through apps. apps are already tested prior to being allowed to be published in the App Store.

The best antivirus for iphone provides a variety of internet security tools to guard your devices from phishing links including spam calendar invites, browser trackers, adware downloads and data-stealing apps, among others. Some of the best antivirus brands also offer parental control features to improve on the built-in iOS parental controls.

Norton, for instance, provides a sophisticated antivirus program for iPhone and mac that incorporates multiple features to ward off infection. It includes a virus detector, firewall, web protection and VPN. It also scans the dark web for personal information that hackers might take from your device, such as bank passwords or passwords.


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